State Profile

Population 23,88,634(2001 Census)-58.9% in valley;41% in hill
No. of Districts 9 (nine) districts
No. of Subdivision 38 nos
No. of Blocks 34 nos.
No. of Villages 2391 villages.
Total Geographical area 22,327 Sq,. Km. (Hill- 20,089 Sq.Km ; Valley- 2,238 Sq
Net area sown 1,99,623 ha.
Area under Hort. crops 44,335 ha.
Area sown more than once 10,575 ha.
Potential area for Hort crops 2,77,064 ha.(Identified under Techno economic feasibility survey conducted by NHB )
Eco Region i.Warm per humid agro-eco-zone with thermic ecosystem;
ii.Warm per humid agro- eco zone with Hyperthermic ecosystem.; (Source :NBSS & LUB - Soils of Manipur
iii.Warm Perhumid Thermic agro-ecozone
i.Soil Red ferruginous(Hills) ; Alluvium (Valley);
pH value 5.4 to 6.8
Altitude 40 m. above MSL (Jiribam) to 2593 MSL (Tamenglong).
Temperature Sub-zero 0 C to 36 0C
Humidity 47.5 % (Feb.) to 93.7% (Aug.)
Average annual rainfall 967.2 mm.
Seasons i.Winter (December to February)
ii.Sub-tropical plain zone,
iii.Monsoon (May to September)
iv. Post-Monsoon (Oct. to November) (DIPR Bulletin- Manipur comes to where the future is...)
Agro -Climatic zone i.Temperate & sub-alpine zone
ii.Sub-tropical plain zone,
iii. Mild tropical hill zone, (Source : ICAR, Manipur CentreSouvenir,2000)
Land to man ratio 0.93 ha.