Rogeny Orchards

For the development of horticulture in the right direction, adequate availability of quality planting material to the farmers is of importance, keeping in view that the 10 departmental Progeny Orchards located at different elevations suitable for specific horticultural crops are the only source to supply the planting material requirements, these progeny orchards were strengthened. These Progeny Orchards are located at the following districts /stations:

Name of farm/ Progeny Orchards Purpose Available Materials Area in acres Location
Progeny Orchard cum Nursery, Mantripukhri Conducting experiments& demonstration,propagation of fruit Plants   37 Mantripukhri 7 km. from Imphal near NH 39
Cashewnut Devt. Farm Jiribam Production of cashewnut 30 Jiribam, 220 km. from Imphal at NH 53
Progeny Orchard cum Production of Horticulral fruit Plants 40 Tamenglong
Nursery, Noneh
Progeny Orchard cum Nursery, Tamenglong Production of fruit & vegetable seedlings, distribution to the farmers 35 Tamenglong
Progeny Orchard cum Nursery, Thawai Mahadev Establishment of departmental orchard on experimental Station. Thawai Mahadev, Ukhrul
Progeny Orchard cum Nursery, Churachandpur Tuiboung Conducting experiments, demonstrations on cultivation of horticultural crops. 24 Churachandpur 62 km. from Imphal
Progeny Orchard cum Nursery, Thanlon Demonstration,Plantation of fruit plants on hill slopes 22 Thanlon 60 km. from Churachandpur
Progeny Orchard cum Nursery, Tinsong Demonstration,Plantation of fruit plants on hill slopes. 20 Tinsong 16 km. from Thanlon, Churachandpur
Progeny Orchard cum Nursery, Khongkhang Demonstration,Plantation of fruit plants on hill slopes 20 Chandel
Progeny Orchard cum Nursery, Maram Propagation of temperate fruit plants 35 Maram 86 km. from Imphal, Senapati